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When we are in a state of weakness, we often feel that things are working against us. We feel that things are becoming worse by the day.

Even when something positive happens, we are likely to ignore it and keep looking at the negative aspects.

When you are in this state, you will often be stressed and in a state of tension. Building resilience is important as it teaches you that no matter how bad things get, you will pick yourself up from the negative experience and you will bounce back.

Types of resilience

Emotional resilience is the most commonly searched form of resilience.

You have probably also searched for or read about it. Emotional resilience is simply how you are able to effectively manage emotional stress and its impact on your life.

Psychology studies show that there are different types of resilience as shown below;

The importance of building resilience

  1. Inherent Resilience

Inherent resilience is the natural resilience we are born with. You and all other individuals possess this type of resilience.

This type of resilience gives us protection and enables us to explore the world while taking risks.

As a child, this resilience highly contributed to your explorative nature while playing and therefore learning new things.

  1. Adapted Resilience

Adapted resilience occurs at different stages in your life as you go through different difficult or traumatic experiences.

For example, when you get rejected for a job, scholarship or by a lover, you gain adapted resilience to face the next challenge.

It’s important to take risks in your life as this will put you in positions of vulnerability and rejection which ultimately contributes to building your adapted resilience.

Read the book David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell as he gives many case studies of people who have gained this form of resilience. It will also give you the hope and courage to face life in a new perspective.

  1. Learnt Resilience

Resilience can be learnt.

You have often heard “that you know that you are strong when being strong is the only option you have.” This is a form of learnt resilience. This type is drawn from your past difficult experiences.

It is built up over time and you use it to manage current stressful situations.

The importance of building resilience

There are four primary areas of resilience;

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Mental

The importance of building resilience

  1. Reduces the risk of substance abuse

A lot of people turn to alcohol and other substances when faced with a difficult situation.

Working on your resilience teaches you that this is never a solution. A resilient person will face the situation with the confidence and knowledge that they will live through it.

  1. Realizing that there’s still some hope left

Building your resilience will teach you that all hope is never lost.

There’s almost something, no matter how small to look forward to. Taking time every day to write down the things you are grateful for  is a way of strengthening your resilience.

The importance of building resilience

  1. It could be worse!

Seriously, somebody else in your neighbourhood or somewhere in the world has bigger problems than you do.

Your situation could be worse, but here you are battling it and growing your resilience and taking ownership of your life!

Building your resilience will give you the mental resilience to know that you are blessed.

  1. Enables you to live with difficult emotions instead of trying to escape!

Building your mental resilience will enable you not to run away from your emotions by feeding yourself comforting lies.

You will learn to face life head-on! Face your truths. Face your weaknesses and work on them. Be honest with yourself.

The importance of building resilience

  1. Enables you to make proper decisions

You’ve often been told that making decisions when emotional is wrong.

Building emotional resilience enables you to recognize where your emotions are going, how to manage them and  when to take a break.

You will need to make many life decisions, strengthening your resilience will assist you in making the right ones while you’re in the right mindset.


Just like any other skill, resilience can and should be learnt. Life gets easier and you get happier when you work on strengthening your resilience


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