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The same way you think about the benefits of long-term saving through the compounding effect is the same way you should think about productivity.

If you constantly invest in your productivity, you will ultimately experience the cumulative advantage of your actions in your career and personal life.

It’s worth taking time to figure out how to increase your productivity. One of the major setbacks facing the millennial and the generations after is addiction to distraction.

This is mainly brought about by the increase in technological devices that take away our ability to be productive. This had led to a decrease in the number of people in the world who can do quality and world-class work.

If you want to be among the successful stars in the world, work on your productivity.

What is productivity?

Productivity is defined as a measure of efficiency.

Higher productivity means you are able to accomplish more work using the same amount of resources such as time.

Lower productivity means accomplishing lower amount of work with the same amount of resources. For your success, you should aim at being highly productive.

How to make your day productive

How to make your day productive

  1. Set your work goals.

If you are able to pick the right thing to work on every day, you will have achieved the most important element of productivity. This will enable you to move in the right direction of your life growth curve.

How can you achieve this? Practice. Practice picking the right thing to work on every day.

With time, you will get better. You will also be happier because you will realize that you are focusing your energy on your priorities.

Action plan: Spare time in your schedule to actively think about what you’re currently working on. It should be aligned with your long-term life goals or things you care about.

  1. Trust your abilities.

The greatest hindrance to your achievements is you. Self-doubt has killed a lot of dreams in the world.

For example, a lot of people who try to learn a new language often give up. This is because they don’t trust that they can do it.

You can learn and be anything you want as long as you drop the self-doubt. Give yourself a chance and stick to your goal no matter how loud the voices in your head shout that you can’t do it.

How to make your day productive

  1. Be around productive people.

Being productive requires constant inspiration especially if you’re just getting started.

I have read a few posts on social media of people who invite their productive friends for ‘work dates.’ They sit together in a café or office and just work. No talking.

When you’re seated around a productive person especially one who’s your friend, you’re likely to get inspired to get busy too! Try it.

While you’re at it, make sure that these people are smart, happy, positive and also, ensure they are people who support your ambitions.

  1. Put first things first.

As previously recommended, read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Franklin Covey.

The third habit, ‘Put first things first’ is a lifesaver. It will teach you to get the most important things done first. This is also known as prioritizing.

Action Plan: Every day before retiring to bed, make a list of things you are supposed to achieve. Put a star on your most important tasks then begin your next day by working on the most important and urgent.

How to make your day productive

  1. Begin your days by working on something you can make progress on.

You have to play the role of keeping your mind excited about work.

If you begin each day by making progress in a task, you will be excited. This will keep you motivated throughout the day to achieve more and do more.

With time, this tip will also work some magic on yo

ur self-confidence.

  1. Say ‘No’ to distractions.

The most successful people have the ability to sustain concentration for long periods of time. 

Be ruthless with your time by saying no to distractions such as unwanted phone calls, emails and useless conversations.

Having great focus means that you respect your time which therefore means that you respect yourself as time is your most valuable asset.

How to make your day productive

“Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all of your energies on a limited set of targets.” — Nido Qubein

  1. Avoid unnecessary meetings and conferences.

Do you constantly feel that most of the meetings you attend are unnecessary? Some meetings that you attend can actually be packaged into a one-page email. Take control of the meetings and conferences.

As much as people rave about the importance of networking in conferences, take time and ask yourself if they’re really working for you. If not, reduce them.

  1. Apply the Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique will enable you to be more productive as well as achieve  a work-life balance.

As much as being productive at work is important, aim at being productive in life in general. Having a life-work balance will bring you happiness and satisfaction.

How to make your day productive


The most successful are known to block out anything that distracts their focus. This is what enables them to accomplish meaningful and deep work.

You should be obsessed with the important projects that you are working on if you want to be among the 2% who are world champions.

You can do it. Over the next few weeks, apply a combination of the above techniques and be sure to tell us which is your favourite and which one enabled you to achieve results.


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