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The biggest ingredient to any person’s success recipe is self-discipline. Whether you want success in your professional or personal life, it all starts by deliberately controlling your actions.

Ultimately, mastering self-discipline especially in your youth is what will bring about healthy self-esteem. And self-esteem as we know often breeds happiness; which is what we are all trying to have in abundance.

Self-discipline is the ability to apply self-control on your feelings. This self-control enables you to overcome your weakness. Self-discipline has also been defined as the ability to control your willpower.

People who have high levels of self-discipline control their days and lives as opposed to letting life control them.

You can also learn how to take charge of your life.

Unique tips to gain self-discipline“You either suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Pick a side.” Jim Rohn

How to discipline your mind

One of my favourite quotes from Robin Sharma is “Victims love entertainment, leaders love education.” 

This quote shows that successful people (leaders in any sector) have invested a lot in their brains.

In another one of Robin’s books, he says “you get the brain you earn. Not the brain you want.” By investing in your brain power, you will learn how to control your mind.

Unique tips to gain self-discipline

Tips on how to discipline your mind

  1. Change your thought patterns from negative to positive ones.

Your mind is like a garden. You are the farmer. You have to be a good farmer to your garden in order to have a good harvest.

As a farmer, you should uproot all the bad weeds that are in your garden. This will give the plants that you have planted in your garden a conducive environment to grow and produce good yields. Do the same to the garden of your mind.

Every time you get a negative thought about yourself, your current life situation or life in general, replace it immediately with a positive one. If you constantly do this, you will achieve inner peace.

Unique tips to gain self-discipline

“Well-arranged time is the surest mark of a well-arranged mind.” Sir Isaac Pitman

  1. Do the things you do not like doing

By doing this, you will prevent yourself from being a slave to your weak impulses.

A weaker impulse is brought about by constantly giving in to your excuses. Have you been procrastinating reading that book? Taking that course? This is the time to do it. Avoid being a slave of your mind.

  1. Stay silent for a day.

Interesting huh? Yes. We are serious about this one. A lot of times, you react to situations and people around you without taking some time to think through your response. This is wrong.

You should always listen to people with an intent to understand them as opposed to responding. Staying silent will condition your willpower to do as you command it to.

Unique tips to gain self-discipline

  1. Plan your time and stick to your schedule.

As Sir Isaac Pitman said, “Well arranged time is the surest mark of a well-arranged mind.”

Planning your time gives you control over your mind and your life. This means that you are able to avoid any time-wasting activities that come your way as you have mastered the self-discipline to stick to your schedule.

  1. Be ruthless with your time!

Say ‘No’ to invites that go towards wasting time.

Have the courage to say No to the little things in life. This will ultimately give you the willpower to say ‘Yes’ to the big things.

Being ruthless with your time also shows that you respect your mind. Using your time wisely translates to feeding your mind with the correct information.

Unique tips to gain self-discipline

  1. Manage your phone usage.

How does this translate to training your mind? Well, you do not have to pick your phone every time it rings.

By always responding to your phone every time it rings, it means it’s controlling you. Control this, and you will control your life. Your phone is for your convenience, not the convenience of others.

  1. Act as if failure is impossible.

You should aim to be among the few people in the world who don’t know what it means to quit. 

Wage war against any thoughts of not achieving your goals.

As mentioned in point one above, replace all negative thoughts about failure with positive ones about your success. As they say, you become what you think.

Unique tips to gain self-discipline

  1. Set no limits to your imagination or what you can achieve.

Be brave.

Wake up every day and work towards the big dreams that you have set for yourself.

Keep expanding the dreams as you expose yourself to bigger possibilities. This will discipline your mind to aim high.


Why are you not as successful as you would want to be? Why are some people more successful than others?

If you spent the same amount of time you use to make excuses on working on your goals, you would be among those successful people. The underlying problem that leads to a lack of self-discipline is excuses.

  • Take a notebook.
  • Write the above 8 tips down.
  • Set a time frame and include them in your schedule.
  • Practice them at your own pace.

With time, you will realize that a life of excellence is due to small acts of excellence.

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