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Pomodoro is an Italian word for tomato.

Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro Technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. It is a time management method that that’s all about working smarter as opposed to working harder! This is something you want to achieve, right?

Just in case you are wondering, the technique is named after the tomato-shaped kitchen timer that Cirillo used as a university student.

Using the Pomodoro technique to beat procrastination

Pomodoro Timer

It involves using a timer to break down your work into 25 minutes intervals, separated by short breaks (5 and 15 minutes). The intervals are referred to as Pomodoros.

Pomodoro app

There are various ways of using this technique. One way is using a Pomodoro app. There are numerous apps that have been developed for this technique. All you have to do is install one from your app store. Choose one that is easy to use!

You can also install a plugin on your computer which works the same way as an app. This method is better as it also helps you avoid distractions by avoiding your phone.

Using the Pomodoro technique to beat procrastination

Pomodoro online

Websites are available where you can set your  Pomodoro schedule instead of downloading an app in case you are running out on space! Click here to access an easy to use website.

Pomodoro method

It is important to check things off your to-do list, but it’s also important to have a balanced lifestyle. Coming up with creative ways to overcome your struggle with procrastination is therefore important. This is especially harder when faced with boring tasks, which unfortunately occurs a lot!

Using scheduling blocks is the way to go! It allows you to complete big chunks of similar tasks in short time spans. The Pomodoro technique allows you to collaborate and work with your time as opposed to working against it! It is an incredibly easy to use the technique. It will change your life!

Step by step Pomodoro guide

  1. Choose the work that needs to get done!

It does not matter which task you choose. As long as it is on your to-do list and you are meant to do it, it’s good to go!

Using the Pomodoro technique to beat procrastination

  1. Go to your Pomodoro app and set it

Set your first Pomodoro time span for 25 minutes. Also, set your breaks to be 5 minutes each!

  1. Tell yourself ‘I can do it!’

Promise yourself that you will stay focused on the task for the next 25 minutes. All distractions e.g. phones should be away. You can do it! 25 minutes is a short time.

  1. Focus on the task for the 25 minutes.

Focus. Do it! Have a pen and paper by your side. Use this to write anything that comes to your mind that’s a distraction e.g if you remember something that you’re meant to do later.

Using the Pomodoro technique to beat procrastination

  1. When the timer rings, stop working.

Good job! You have successfully taken a focused step towards finishing a task that you have been procrastinating.

  1. Take a short break.

Stand up. Move away from your workstation. Take a well-deserved break.

  1. After 4 successful Pomodoros, take a long break.

This should be between 15-30 minutes long. Your brain needs this break to rest before you embark on the next 4 Pomodoro sets. At this point, you will notice that you will have made significant progress in your task. You will be happy and proud!

Using the Pomodoro technique to beat procrastination

Things to do during Pomodoro breaks

  1. Grab a cup of coffee
  2. Stretch!
  3. Breathe!
  4. Meditate!
  5. Make a phone call
  6. Go for a short walk
  7. Watch a funny YouTube video
  8. Check social media – Finally! you’re allowed to do this. After all, Pomodoro is a perfect way to manage your distractions and make meaningful progress in your work as well.
  9. Do anything else that is not work-related!


Modern-day technology is here to make sure you live your best life as long as you choose and use it wisely. Install Pomodoro now and make your first step towards making your work fun!!!

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