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What do you say about taking chances?

Well, if you have listened to Celine Dion’s song taking chances, you know that when jumping off the edge, you’re never assured of a solid ground below or a hand to hold. Worse still, you never know if it leads to hell.

Either way, taking risks is part of life. There’s no shortcut if you want to live a successful, glorious life.

Take the risk or lose the chance (Benefits)

Taking risks in life brings about several benefits.

Not taking risks in life will lead you to a frustrating life as you will always think that good things don’t happen to you.

The following are benefits that are bound to happen if you push yourself towards taking risks;

Taking risks in life

  1. Taking risks is empowering.

Do you have something that you absolutely fear? How about you go out and challenge yourself and do it?

If you do, you will have set new limits in your mind of what you are capable of achieving. This will also enable you to get rid of your fears. Life is beautiful when you continuously move towards your fears.

You must do the things you think you cannot do. – Eleanor Roosevelt

  1. Taking risks in life builds your self-confidence.

If you don’t know or haven’t tried something, you tend to fear it or worship it.

Take investing in the stock market as an example. If you have no idea how it works, or haven’t previously risked investing in it, you fear it. Worse still, you worship the people who are masters at it.

We think of people who are good at things we’re clueless about as demigods and we’re usually not very confident around them. Taking risks will enable you to stop this cycle.

If you fear to speak in public, challenge yourself to do it. When you are done, you will not only realize that it is not as scary as you think but you will also gain a level of confidence that will dispel the fear the next time you do it.

Taking risks in life

  1. Taking risks will enable you to live your best life.

People who constantly take risks will tell you that they live a daring and an abundant life. This is because they have lived through most fears that the average person is yet to experience.

If you push your mind and body to constantly take on challenges, you will stop living and thinking in an average way. You will find it normal to constantly take up new challenges in life which will lead to new experiences. This will lead to more opportunities, benefits and you will inspire people.

  1. Taking risks in life improves your creativity.

The world rewards creative people as they solve problems innovatively. In order to nurture or improve your creativity, you need to take more risks.

For example, if you are employed and you have always wanted to start a business, take a risk and do it. This will not only improve your ability to handle challenges, you will also learn creative ways of solving problems.

Taking risks in life

  1. You achieve your dreams.

You have probably been told many times that you will never achieve your dreams by playing it safe. Staying in your comfort zone diminishes what you can achieve.

By taking risks, for example through investing in a business that you are not sure will survive; you give yourself an opportunity of achieving your dreams.

  1. Taking risks in life helps you break through your self-imposed limits.

Through the fear you have, you have convinced your brain that there is a certain set of things that you cannot achieve. These are assumptions. Taking risks involves challenging yourself to test these assumptions. This will enable you to break all those self-imposed limits.

Taking risks in life

  1. You learn new skills.

In the 21st Century, you only get ahead by adding as many skills to your CV as possible. By taking risks that scare you such as learning a new language or enrolling in a writing class, you learn new skills.

You can use these skills to earn an income.

  1. Taking risks in life enables you to overcome your fear of failure

The fear of failure in all aspects of life is something that a lot of people experience.

Constantly pushing yourself towards taking risks enables your mind to understand that failure is normal.

Risk-taking examples

The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks-Mark Zuckerberg

The above quote clearly shows that you have to take risks. It is not an option. The following are examples of risks that you should push yourself towards on a daily basis.

  1. Making mistakes

I recently read a story about a dad who would ask his daughter every day after school to describe the mistake they did. If the child hadn’t done any mistake, the dad pushed her to do it before they went to bed.

This ultimately affected the child’s creativity positively and taught her that to progress, she had to learn that mistakes are part of the journey.

D0 the same drill with yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn.

Taking risks in life

  1. Losing friends

You should not have people who suck the energy out of you.

Check your list of friends. Do you have friends that discourage your dreams? Have friends who make you sad? Have friends who are always negative about everything? Friends who don’t celebrate your uniqueness?

It is high time you got rid of them. It is better to have one loyal friend who celebrates you, than many who diminish your potential.

  1. Say ‘I love you’ without expecting to hear it back

This can be to your friends, family or the person you want to have an intimate relationship with. Spread love to people you love by telling them the three magical words as often as you can.

It does not matter whether they say it back. At the end of the day, you will be happy that you were part of their happiness.

  1. Missing out on stuff

If you look around you, there is a lot that is happening. People are traveling, enrolling for higher education, getting engaged, getting married.

For your dreams to come true, take the risk of not doing what everyone is doing. Forge your own path and follow it.

Taking risks in life

  1. Taking the road less travelled.

You should not be doing what others are doing just because it is popular.

Decide for yourself what happiness and success mean to you; then go ahead and do exactly that. This involves investing in your self-awareness in order to understand what matters to you.

  1. Not getting the job

The truth is, you won’t always be the most qualified. You won’t always be the smartest person in the room. Sometimes, you will be the smartest, most qualified and most fit for the job, but you still won’t get picked.

However, you still need to apply, put yourself out there and risk not getting that job.

The experience will teach you valuable life lessons such as patience and resilience.

  1. Launching a business

Take the risk and quit that job and launch your business if that is what you’ve always wanted. Taking risks in business is something a lot of people want to do but procrastinate because they’re afraid to take the following risks;

  • Launching early -the earlier you launch it, the sooner you start learning. Successful entrepreneurship only occurs through action.
  • Taking a loan – A lot of people are scared that if they take a loan to fund their business, they might end up losing the money. Successful entrepreneurship is about taking calculated risks. How much money can you afford to lose at each stage of the business and still be okay? This question will help you decide.
  • Asking for help – What you don’t realize is that knowledgeable people like sharing information and extending help. Go ahead and ask. What’s the worst thing that can happen anyway?
  • Failing – By now, you and I have established that failure is part of life. You fail and learn!

Taking risks in life


Make a list of risks that you will be taking on a daily basis, weekly, monthly or throughout this year. Go ahead and put them into action. Make sure they scare you!! It is only by moving towards your fear that you will learn!

Give yourself a gift to experience the best version of your life and to inspire others to do the same!



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