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Do you often wonder why some people are unbothered about what people think about them? Why they are so confident and never care to respond to negativity?

Well, they have deliberately taken time to work on their self-awareness and since you admire them and want to improve yourself, you should do the same too.

How you behave and respond to external situations is governed by your internal mental processes.

Self-awareness uncovers any destructive thought-patterns and unhealthy habits that you have acquired over time. Uncovering the unhealthy habits and being in control of them leads to better decision-making and behavioural responses.

Self-awareness psychology

Self-awareness examples

Here are examples you can use to check your level of self-awareness…

1. You are proud of how you feel, think and act. 

Are you proud of yourself? Are you proud of the thoughts that occupy your mind? Proud of the way you act or react towards people and situation?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of the questions, then you need to invest some time towards working on your self-awareness.

Robin Sharma is an author who has written numerous books in regard to controlling your willpower as a way to master yourself and live your best life.

The monk who sold his Ferrari is one of the books that you should read as a way of offsetting your journey towards living a life that you love.

2. Challenging situations don’t make you doubt your self-worth

You have the abilities to overcome the challenges.

Having a deep level of self-awareness makes you aware that happiness and sadness co-exist.

This knowledge enables you to understand that nothing lasts forever; which gives you the zeal to move on from situations.

3. You’re able to recognize, monitor, and modulate your feelings, thoughts, and behaviours.

When you experience a conflict with a friend, family member or stranger, are you able to control your reactions? If yes, then you’re self-aware.

You take time to process your thoughts then react as opposed to reacting uncontrollably. In this way, you don’t end up regretting or hurting people.

Self-awareness psychology

Other self-awareness examples include;

4. You’ve worked on resolving the difficult issues from your upbringing.

You probably faced challenges as you were growing up just like most of us.

People hurt you either intentionally or accidentally and this created internal scars.

When you are self-aware, you take the time to face these issues. You face the people who caused the pain and express your feelings.

You generally learn to maintain a positive mood and recognize that that’s the past!

5. You’re comfortable in your own skin.

In the current world, there a lot of standards that are set daily on what is beautiful and what is not.

When you are self-aware, you know that beauty is beyond what people see. You do not depend on people’s opinion to appreciate yourself. You set your own beauty standards and you are unapologetic.

6. You’re able to build positive relationships with others.

Deep self-awareness gives you the ability to choose your friends wisely.

It is important to choose friends that you can connect with and that are supportive.

Know that a few friends who are supportive are better than a multitude of friends who pull you down.

7. You see yourself as part of a larger whole through empathizing with others. 

Some people see themselves as the main character in their own reality show and treat everyone else as if they are part of the supporting cast.

This is is a bad attitude to have as it limits how much of people’s skills, talents, and uniqueness you can experience.

Seeing yourself as part of a larger whole leads to treating people with love, respect, and kindness despite their background, culture, beliefs or skin colour.

Self-awareness psychology

Self-awareness activities/exercises

Below are exercises that you can undertake to improve your level of self-awareness. Taking up as many as possible will bring about greater levels of self-awareness.


Meditation enables you to calm your mind.

Meditation has been documented as one of the best exercises that helps improve self-awareness. This is because it enables you to focus on what is happening internally.

It also enables you to get rid of any distractions.

2. Regularly seeking constructive feedback

Look for mentors or people you look up to give you feedback.

These people should be able to point out areas of improvement that you should invest in to improve your level of self-awareness.

Ensure that these are people who are brutally honest with you.

3. Keep a journal for self-reflection

Keeping a journal helps you track your progress.

Set your self-awareness goals and regularly check how you are faring. Constantly push yourself towards where you want to be.

Self-awareness psychology

4. Be aware of your personality type.

Knowing your personality type enables you to know and understand your weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, and threats.

Start by taking a personality test that will lead you towards understanding who you are.

5. Check how you talk to yourself.

It is important to pay attention to the negative self-talk that often corrupts your brain. This often leads to negative self-talk and attitude as you do not fully appreciate yourself.

Constantly appreciate yourself for the little or big progress that you make.

Understand that happiness and sadness are part of life. They are both important as they all bring different lessons.

6. Be accountable for your mistakes.

As an adult, the one thing that you will have to learn is taking responsibility for your mistakes.

Mark Manson’s book, ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck’ is the best book to read in order to learn this lesson.

Create a habit of taking responsibility for your mistakes as opposed to running away from them.

self-awareness psychology

7. Take control of your reactions.

Before responding to situations especially the ones that frustrate you, take time to take a deep breath, think then respond.

Learning how to objectively respond to situations will save you a lot of stress.

8. Say ‘No’ to yourself.

Every day, you will encounter different temptations such as social media, gossip, junk food, etc.

Practice saying no to these things daily.

These things bring about short-term gratification.

To achieve greater things, you will need to say no to temptations in order to get to your greatest potential.

Self-awareness quotes

  1. Without self-awareness, we are as babies in the cradles – Virginia Wolf
  2. Self-awareness is the ability to take an honest look at your life without any attachment to it being right or wrong, good or bad – Debbie Ford
  3. Self-awareness gives you the capacity to learn from your mistakes as well as your successes. It enables you to keep growing – Lawrence Bossidy
  4. Self-awareness happens when we become aware of other people, things and places around us and how we are all connected – Toni Sorenson


Don’t do an injustice to yourself by allowing life to push you around. Take yourself through a self-awareness journey and give yourself a chance to thrive, not just exist.

As always, see you on top of the happiness, self-aware ladder!


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